Huggins Global Holdings Inc. is an up and coming boutique firm focused on helping business owners realize that their goals of exercising their plans of exiting their company in a peaceful, respectful, and confidential manner whilst knowing that their company and employees are in a good place. In some cases owners that have exited requested to stay on-board and if we can come to an agreement then we make it happen on most occations.

Did You Know?

Smoking MIRRORS 

You have a tough decisions ahead of you and are planning to weigh out your options, in the past was to sell to a Private Equity Firm and hope that all your years of building,training,pivoting and creating a strong brand that your clients have grown to trust, only to see it to be a shell of what it was.

Yes, they are publicly founded and promises you the world, but most of the time the deal falls through and that leads you to an other option.

Let's go SHopping

So now the we have explored the option of the private equity world, it's time to look at another option so it's time to go shopping for your next big option. This option most business owners use as their first option, the Business Broker. Let us premise by saying that we like brokers and and what they do for business owners that's in the stage of retirement, But the issue that we find in most cases is the lack of competent brokers that fail to do more than just post on the internet and sit and wait or the fees before hand and the fees after they are done not to mention that you are locking to a contract for a period of time while you sit and wait and in some cases get lied to during that time period. So, if you do decide to go with a broker, make sure you have a Great 1. good luck!!  

A Better Way

A Better Way is more that just a statement, It is a mission of ours..We might not have the upfront capital that you might want up front, but we will find ways to make the deal work for both parties. We are the underdog in this avenue so we have something to prove to the world, 

We believe that your hard work should be rewarded even if you decide to do a complete exit. You deserve to have the opportunity to work with your staff and be part-time if you want. You also have the right to know that your employees are and will be still employees and listened to. 

Huggins Global believes that growing your vision to a global market  and if you haven't noticed we are about loyalty, business well being and honesty, That's why Huggins Global Holdings Inc. is a Better Way for you to Exit.